Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ariix MLM Pre Launch Information

Ariix is set to launch on July 1st, 2011.  Is this kick off date for officially launching or for pre launching the company?

That I don't know because I've heard people saying different things.

Most likely it's the kick off date for pre launching Ariix into the network marketing industry.  Launching any business takes a lot time and work.  Nothing goes according to plan.

There is also a chance that it'll be a full kick off date.  In my earlier post I shared how Fred Cooper was working on Ariix while President of another MLM company.  Shady? Yes.   Depending on how much he accomplished then, there's a chance that Ariix will be in full launch mode of shipping products and paying out commissions.

Things to keep in mind:

Pre launches are full of hype!  See what is beyond the hype and what is really there.  Ariix, like most MLM companies, is probably just hiring a 3rd party manufacturer to make products and put the Ariix label on it.  That means there probably won't be any patents to protect the products or even anything special about the Ariix Nutritionals.

Remember, over 95% of MLM companies fail within the first couple of years.  Joining Ariix now is very similar to "rolling the dice."  No matter how hard you work or try, there's still a 95% chance that Ariix will go out of business based on the odds.

As a network marketer, you probably like the fact that you're in control of your success of failure.  Working with a prelaunch or startup MLM takes that control away from you.  

Do you want to put in months or years of work and invest time, money and resources in something that has a 95% chance of failing?  Those odds don't sound very good to me.

If you know more details on Ariix and their launch, you can email me.  

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