Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ariix MLM Pre Launch Information

Ariix is set to launch on July 1st, 2011.  Is this kick off date for officially launching or for pre launching the company?

That I don't know because I've heard people saying different things.

Most likely it's the kick off date for pre launching Ariix into the network marketing industry.  Launching any business takes a lot time and work.  Nothing goes according to plan.

There is also a chance that it'll be a full kick off date.  In my earlier post I shared how Fred Cooper was working on Ariix while President of another MLM company.  Shady? Yes.   Depending on how much he accomplished then, there's a chance that Ariix will be in full launch mode of shipping products and paying out commissions.

Things to keep in mind:

Pre launches are full of hype!  See what is beyond the hype and what is really there.  Ariix, like most MLM companies, is probably just hiring a 3rd party manufacturer to make products and put the Ariix label on it.  That means there probably won't be any patents to protect the products or even anything special about the Ariix Nutritionals.

Remember, over 95% of MLM companies fail within the first couple of years.  Joining Ariix now is very similar to "rolling the dice."  No matter how hard you work or try, there's still a 95% chance that Ariix will go out of business based on the odds.

As a network marketer, you probably like the fact that you're in control of your success of failure.  Working with a prelaunch or startup MLM takes that control away from you.  

Do you want to put in months or years of work and invest time, money and resources in something that has a 95% chance of failing?  Those odds don't sound very good to me.

If you know more details on Ariix and their launch, you can email me.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Does Fred Cooper Have the Ability To Grow Ariix? Or Will it Fail?

Over 95% of all MLM start ups fail within the first couple of years.  A big factor for success is the company leadership and management.

Fred Cooper is the founder and lead guy for Ariix.  Now, does Fred have the ability to successfully launch the company and grow it?

Fred started working with USANA Health Sciences as a consultant in 1997.  He soon became a full time employee of USANA.  He worked his way into executive management before becoming President and Chief Operating Officer of USANA.

Before working with USANA he worked for Aetna.  He also has a Ph.D. in Business Administration for the University of Utah.

Fred abruptly resigned from USANA on May 9, 2011 to start Ariix.

Here are some interesting facts:

On January 12, 2011 iCentris, a corporation owned by Fred Cooper, purchased the domain

On February 12, 2011 the company name Ariix was registered in Utah by Celebrus LLC.

Ariix has the same address as Fred's other company, iCentris.

The facts point pretty clearly that while he was working at USANA he was also working on launching Ariix.  Domains and businesses were started months before he resigned from USANA.

I'm a capitalist and have no problem with people working on businesses and such.  But there are ways you do it ethically and with integrity.

Once you look below the surface, it's a little disturbing.

While President and COO of USANA he was directly working behind USANA's back on a copy cat MLM that would be a direct competitor.  During those months he was also working with USANA corporate officers and speaking to the distributors about USANA.  Specifically, how great USANA is, what an amazing product it has and one of the best business models out there.

How can you say one thing while working on something that directly goes against it?

Does the word lying pop into your mind too?

Here's my thought:  How can you be working in one of the top positions of a company while working on a copycat business?

You can't.  It's like being married or in a serious relationship and telling the person that you love him or her, while seeing someone else behind their back and cheating.

Fred can say all sorts of things about how he's an entrepreneur and wants to pursue other businesses or he believes in Ariix way more and so on. Fine, I don't blame him for it.  But do it with integrity.

The bottom line is that his integrity is in question now.

If he resigned months ago while he was planning Ariix (and he obviously was if you look at the records above) that would be respectful.  But he didn't.

In all my years of working and being in business, I've learned to look at people's actions.  Actions speak volumes.  Actions speak the truth.

In my mind, Fred's actions say he's a distrustful person.  His priority is chasing money and increasing his own financial position.

Will the way he runs Ariix be different?  Possibly since he's the founder and presumably has equity in it.  Still, the facts point to a selfish person who puts himself first.

If he worked USANA like that, what will he do to Ariix Distributors?  Ariix is already a startup MLM with a low chance of success.  Do you want to partner with someone who has a track record of working behind people's backs?

The writing is on the wall with his actions.  If you're looking at Ariix, be warned.

Prediction:  Fred obviously has some great abilities.  But, based on Fred Cooper's actions, Ariix will be part of that 95% of failed businesses.

If a person does something shady in one area of their life, you can bet there are others.   What other questionable actions will come out about Fred?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ariix MLM - Coming Soon

Ariix MLM is launching soon.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on the impact that Ariix will have in the network marketing industry.

Quick Facts:

Ariix is a Latin word that means Gold.  Ariix wants to be the "The Gold Standard" for nutrition in the MLM industry.

Right now Ariix is not even in prelaunch.

Come back to this blog for updates and reviews on Ariix.